Let's Get Personal!

Welcome to Pendant Persona, where we sell jewelry with personality.

The word “PERSONA” comes to us from Latin, and it means something that we put on, which forms other people’s perception of us. Having a persona helps you walk through life and fashions your experience at work and the society at large. What is your persona?

The jewelry you adorn also influences other people’s perception of you. Since jewelry has to do with fashion, trends continue to change every now and then. However, the jewelry trends you follow say a lot about who you are as an individual.

Your accessories communicate your style, and the proper choice of jewelry helps you in this respect by not only enhancing your style, but enriching your wardrobe as well. Selecting jewelry in line with your individual taste is the modern woman’s mantra.

This is where we come in….

At Pendant Persona, we offer jewelry that helps to bring forth your unique personality. Our collection is fashionable, unique, affordable, and with the help of your personal touch, reflective of your style. Our logo consists of two fingerprints. No two fingerprints are alike, similar to an individual and his or her persona. Creativity and innovation are also distinct characteristics of this company. Run by a student currently studying fashion, this brand exudes creative ideas and design that helps you carve a persona for yourself based on your favorite jewelry pieces.

But that’s not all. Our relationship with you doesn’t have to end once a purchase is made. We want to see how you pair our pieces with your persona. We are constantly inspired by our peers in the fashion community and hope to learn and find that no matter where we live, we can be connected through fashion. We feel that fashion should be an inclusive industry for everyone, and price should not be a barrier so we make sure to provide in-trend, affordable styles that allow your persona to shine!